An innovative bakery is organized within the framework of the project “Introduction of highly efficient production technology of bakery products with a high content of vitamins and macronutrients for mass and preventive nutrition” for the commercialization of the results of scientific and scientific-technical activities of KazNIIIPP LLP with funding from Science Fund.

The goal of the project is to produce a new line of bakery products enriched with micronutrients for mass and functional purposes. For the first time in the production of bakery products, vitamins, minerals and live cultures of lactic acid bacteria are used simultaneously. These bakery products have a high biological value and microbiological resistance to bread disease "potato disease" and molding. The productivity of the bakery is 2 tons per day.


The bakery produces enriched tin bread, tortillas, buns and gingerbread. The grand opening was attended by representatives of JSC "Science Foundation", the Office of Entrepreneurship and Industrial and Innovative Development of the city of Almaty, the Health Department of Almaty, the Union of Food Enterprises of Kazakhstan, etc.