-physical and chemical studies of the quality of raw materials and food products;

- microbiological researches on compliance of quality and safety of production on sanitary standards (SanPiN);

- Toxicological studies of product quality and safety;

- development and implementation of new methods of research of quality and safety of raw materials and food products;

-organization of food safety training courses to improve the skills of food industry specialists;

- development and harmonization with international standards of regulatory and technical documentation on quality, safety, processing and production of raw materials and food products; 

- development of scientific projects for the processing and production of raw materials and food products, as well as their quality and food safety and implementation in practice.

The lab is headed by Velyamov Masimzhan Tursunovich – doctor of biological Sciences, leading specialist in the field of biotechnology, academician AAS of RK, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, academician of the National Academy for food security of the Russian Federation. Author of more than 300 scientific works, 20 inventions.

The laboratory is equipped with the latest equipment designed to work with cultures of microorganisms, the study of their properties and long-term storage. This freeze-dryer of the French firm "Juan", freezer, thermostat, laminar box, gel electrophoresis of the company "Bekman", 40 Axiolab microscope with a video camera (Germany), equipment for PCR-laboratories.

In addition, the laboratory is engaged in the creation of biotechnologies for the production of starter cultures, food additives and probiotic preparations based on bacteria and yeast to ensure food safety in their application in the food industry and animal husbandry.

Dudikova G. is doctor of biological Sciences, specialist in the field of food biotechnology and Microbiology, co-author of the biological method of combating the "potato disease" of bread, head of research on the development of probiotic drug for feed "Biocons", head of the collection of industrial cultures of microorganisms.

Employees of the laboratory developed a method of long - term storage of cultures of microorganisms-drying from a frozen state or lyophilization. Lactic acid bacteria from the collection are stored in the refrigerator in a lyophilized state, sealed in ampoules.                         



- chemical and microbiological research of product quality and safety;

- consultations on implementation of ISO-22000 (HACCP) standards in enterprises.


- nutrient medium from enzymatic hydrolysate of egg proteins for cell cultures and determination of food safety;

-drugs (immunomodulators, antilactoferrin, etc.) designed to prevent viral and bacterial infections and is environmentally safe products in the poultry industry.    

- production technology of biologically active additives from secondary plant raw materials.        


HERE YOU CAN PERCHASE: preparations for the prevention of viral and bacterial diseases of birds in order to obtain environmentally friendly products.