The laboratory is engaged in development of new types of compound feeds of medical and preventive appointment for various types of animals, fish, birds and creation of rational technology of effective use of raw materials at their production and deep processing of grain. The lab is headed by Prof. Zheksenkul Alimkulov.

Zheksenkul Alimkulov – doctor of technical Sciences, leading scientist of Kazakhstan in the field of storage, processing of grain products. He developed the technology of production of compound feeds of therapeutic and preventive action for farm animals, birds and fish.

8 scientifically grounded recipes of therapeutic and prophylactic compound feeds for young animals and 12 recipes for adult farm animals, birds and valuable fish species with the use of feed additives of preventive action, obtained on the basis of waste oil and fat industry, enriched with lactic acid bacteria were developed and refined. The lactic acid bacteria present in the feed additive have a high antagonistic activity against the enteropathogenic E. coli, Proteus, Staphylococcus, Salmonella and B. subtillis, which significantly improves the sanitary condition of feed.

The staff identified the technical capabilities of the introduction and improvement of hydrothermal rice processing. The technology of processing of rice grain high quality polished cereals with increase in the output of a high-value cereals at 1.5-2.0%, the proposed methods of obtaining cereals at high readiness.

Developed technological schemes:

- production of rice flakes from broken rice;

- production of rice flour of increased nutritional value;

- get a "dry breakfasts", "snacks" of rice flour of high nutritional value.

Technological solutions for processing grain of rice offered to be implemented at the reprocessing plant “OTEC A”. The efficiency of the developed technological process of processing rice into cereals is to increase the yield of polished cereals by 1.5-2.0% and expand the range of cereal food concentrates.