The Department is headed by academician of NAS RK, Professor,

Doctor of technical Sciences, Urishbay Chomanov

Urishbay Chomanov - Doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, academician of NAS RK, a leading scientist of Kazakhstan in the field of meat and dairy industry, specialist in processes and equipment for food production, the author and developer of spray and freeze-drying plants for drying liquid food products. He developed a theoretical basis for the method of determining the thermodynamic index "water activity" in food, fruits and vegetables and a device for its determination.

Under the guidance of Academician U. Chomanov was defended 5 doctoral and 14 candidate's theses in two specialties: - 05.18.04 – "Technology of meat, dairy and fish products and refrigerating manufactures", 05.18.12 - "Processes and devices of food manufactures".


During the period of scientific activity of U. Chomanov for many years of teaching activities was awarded the badge "Honored teacher of Kazakhstan» certificate №12590, for many years of scientific activity was awarded the badge "Order for merits in the science development of Kazakhstan" certificate №00718, 2018. In 2017 was awarded the medal of “Academy of natural Sciences” London book exhibition and issued a certificate for the monograph "Improvement of technology and vacuum freeze drying of kumis and shubat" London book fair March 14-16, from 2013. He is a member of the editorial Board and a reviewer of Journal of Communication and Computer, USA.

The Department consists of two laboratories – “ processing technology and storage of plant products” and “ processing technology and storage of animal products”.